ADAPT – A Division for Advancing Prevention and Treatment

Critical translation, implementation, data analysis, and evaluation resources are needed to help support substance use prevention programs in High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas (HIDTAs) across the nation. In partnership with the national HIDTA office, the Washington/Baltimore HIDTA has launched A Division for Advancing Prevention & Treatment (ADAPT) to provide and coordinate these important resources.

The mission of the prevention arm of ADAPT is three-fold: 1) to support integration of evidence-based or evidence-informed prevention programming into HIDTA communities, 2) to advance knowledge, skills, and quality outcomes related to prevention best practices for substance use 3) to describe the utility of ADAPT products in the context of public health and public safety systems as an essential part of the translation process.

ADAPT will accomplish this mission through the following four goals:

  1. Impact the advancement of integrated prevention programs through provision of essential training and technical assistance services.
  2. Approach the translation and generation of knowledge for prevention advancement through public safety and public health collaboration.
  3. Prepare the future public health and public safety workforces by promoting active involvement of undergraduate and graduate students in these fields in the translation and discovery of new prevention knowledge.
  4. Disseminate individual and aggregate findings from ADAPT initiatives locally, nationally, and internationally.

Technical assistance will be offered in the following 5 domains: 1) identification of a new evidence-based practice for substance use prevention that meets the unique needs of that HIDTA community, 2) training, 3) implementation consultation, 4) evaluation, and 5) fiscal/budgeting consultation.

ADAPT will be reaching out to all HIDTAs to schedule an appointment for a more detailed briefing on ADAPT.  To submit a Technical Assistance request before your scheduled briefing, please complete the ADAPT TA Request form.