The W/B Training Unit is pleased to release its new online training to the W/B HIDTA region. It is now possible to take both Case Explorer (entire program) and Deconfliction training completely online. As we go forward, our programs will also be offered via “Live Webinars”. So your users who need Case Explorer, CAP and GangNet Primary Rep only training will still be able to get access in a timely manner.

NOTE: the registration site will only have the online class listed once per month. This class will run the entire month even though the classes are only a few hours to complete. All certificates for the online training only will be sent from the new Talent LMS.

You will need to register for the online class at:

Enter the word Class (case sensitive) for Username = Class and Password = Class

Select Washington – Baltimore

Select Click to view Training Events link

Select the course you want to register for

Case Explorer, GangNet and other courses that might be held in the future (TBA)

There may be multiple events scheduled with the same name. Be sure to select the event using the date to indicate the proper event.

Fill in the HOTT Online Application

Select Complete Registration

Completed the paperwork which goes out as soon as your enrollment has been accepted.