Screening, Brief Intervention, & Referral to Treatment (SBIRT)

SBIRT is an evidence-based framework for the early identification and intervention of substance misuse and co-occurring problems. What makes SBIRT unique is its upstream approach that targets identifying substance misuse early on so that an appropriate intervention can be offered at that time to help people decrease their risk of developing a Substance Use Disorder and decrease the impact of negative consequences linked to substance use.

The Virginia SBIRT Projects

ADULT SBIRT, 2016-2021

The Virginia SBIRT (VA SBIRT) Project has supported a range of healthcare settings to fully integrate and sustain SBIRT in their practice, targeting identification and intervention of adults at risk for substance misuse. Participating practice setting include emergency and urgent care services, primary care, Federally Qualified Health Centers, free healthcare clinics, a university student health clinic, health department sexually transmitted infection clinics, and community mental health clinics.

YOUTH SBIRT, 2021-2026

The Virginia Youth SBIRT (VA YSBIRT) Project will transform lessons learned from the VA SBIRT Project into an approach targeting adolescents and young adults ages 12-21 for substance use prevention and early intervention strategies. This project aims to create regional networks of substance use prevention support through collaborative engagement between pediatric primary care, public school, and community mental health clinics across Northern Virginia and the Eastern Shore regions of the state.

The VA SBIRT projects have been supported through SAMHSA grants awarded to Virginia’s Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services in partnership with ADAPT.

Virginia SBIRT Outcomes 2016-2021

Read the published VA SBIRT Outcome Paper HERE.