Washington / Baltimore HIDTA Initiatives


The W/B HIDTA prevention initiatives are designed to prevent, identify, or mitigate substance use across the region by coordinating community and local government resources to foster protective factors, increase knowledge around substances, and link individuals to appropriate levels of care.

Initiatives focus on one or more of the following aims:

  • Strengthen youth, parent, and teacher resiliency
  • Develop social and emotional competence in youth
  • Offer concrete support, early intervention, or referral services in times of need
  • Develop healthy and supportive social connections
  • Educate on parenting and child development
  • Offer unique prevention services to W/B HIDTA high-risk communities based on community needs assessments
  • Promote drug-free values.

HIDTA funds multidisciplinary teams composed of local government agencies and community groups influential in the social development of children and welfare of its citizens to provide support, training, and resources to:

  • Build social networks
  • Mobilize citizens in problem-solving and youth development
  • Overcome social disorder and decline
  • Enhance community cohesion.


Prevention initiatives include law enforcement partnerships participating at operational and policy-making levels. A nexus has been formed among law enforcement and other public and private sector program elements. There is an ongoing effort to expand alternative funding to enhance the prevention component of this HIDTA, primarily through grant development.

2022 HIDTA Results:

In 2022 the W/B HIDTA invested $418,417 to support prevention activities in the region.

HIDTA Prevention Initiatives:

Substance Use Prevention Resources

Resources from the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy:

Resources from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration: