Technical Assistance

ADAPT serves as the national Training and Technical Assistance provider for substance use prevention strategies in HIDTA communities. Technical Assistance (TA) is offered across the substance use prevention continuum and is designed to support the unique needs of each HIDTA community through individualized services. We hope that you will reach out.

The ADAPT Team is always ready to help!

TA is available for HIDTA-funded programs and communities in the following domains and other areas as needed:

TrainingTraining on specific evidence-based practices or skills.
Identification of Best Available EvidenceLiterature review and appraisal of evidence for strategies.
ImplementationDetailed review of the program or intervention and assistance with a plan for effectively implementing the program with fidelity to the model or practice as described in the literature and in your goals and objectives.
EvaluationReview and update of program goals, objectives, and logic models to determine what output and outcome measures are most appropriate to measure fidelity to the implementation plan, impact, effectiveness, and quality of a program. May include process, impact, or outcome evaluation measures.
Fiscal/BudgetingIn consultation with the HIDTA Director and HIDTA Prevention Representative, ADAPT assists HIDTAs in evaluating appropriation of prevention funds based on outcomes being generated by the program.
SustainabilityAssessment of the need for continued implementation of a program and development of a plan.
Early ResponseSupporting HIDTA communities to increase awareness of substance use activity and deploy early response strategies to address emerging substance use concerns.
Prevention CommunicationsGuidance in evidence-based substance use prevention framing and messaging.
Systems DevelopmentSupporting HIDTAs in establishing organizational policies and procedures related to substance use operations.

The Consultation Process

Step One: Preparation for TA

Email us at Send us a brief email sharing how we can help. Our Technical Assistance Program Manager will review your request and reach out to setup an initial consultation call to learn more about your prevention goals, efforts to date, and current needs regarding the request.

Step Two: Plan for TA

The ADAPT Team will work with you to establish an individualized TA plan to include goals, deliverables, and timelines.

Step Three: Implementation of TA

Ongoing meeting and TA activities to support completion of the consultation request. Newly identified needs that emerge during the consultation process will initiate at Step Two.

Step Four: Evaluation of TA

Evaluation of the impact of current TA and identification of additional follow up or TA needs.