ADAPT Mission

The mission of ADAPT is to advance knowledge, skills, and quality outcomes in the field of substance use prevention while supporting successful integration of strategies informed by the best available evidence into communities.

ADAPT’s Approach to training and technical assistance

ADAPT serves as a TRANSLATOR of evidence-based strategies, NAVIGATOR of the literature supporting these strategies and important resources, and CONNECTOR to mentors, peers, and partners.

ADAPT grounds itself in evidence throughout all activities. Our unique formula for translating that evidence for integration into individual HIDTA communities follows:

(Relatability + Digestibility) Support = Likelihood for Successful Integration

ADAPT strives to make every interaction with clients Relatable in language and experience, Digestible in content, and enhanced through exponential Support as they implement and evaluate new skills and strategies.

Activities & Outcomes

2023 HIDTA Prevention Summit attendees
HIDTA programs & National Initiatives served through individual Technical Assistance
Individual Technical Assistance Requests Completed


“We would like to thank the ADAPT team for all their help with organizing a new evaluation plan for RACE and compiling all we do so we make sure we are capturing it and it’s not going unnoticed.”

Program Manager
Project R.A.C.E.

“The level of encouragement and support given was very appreciated and helpful as we start our new coalition. Thank you.”

Project Director
Missoula Substance Abuse Connect


Lora Peppard, PhD, DNP
Patty Ferssizidis, PhD
Assistant Director
Rebecca Bates, DNP, PMP
Technical Assistance Program Manager
Megan Erickson, MA
Research Analyst
Julia Glaccum, BSW
Public Health/Public Safety Fellow

Collaborating Partners

Federal Partners
Prevention & Treatment

Access Technical Assistances Services

As the National HIDTA Technical Assistance provider, we are here to serve the unique needs of HIDTA communities in advancing substance use prevention.