ODMAP Program Manager

The University of Baltimore Center for Drug Policy and Prevention has an open position for an Overdose Detection Mapping Application Program (ODMAP) Program Manager. The ODMAP was developed by the Washington/Baltimore High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas (W/B HIDTA) program. To expand the use of the ODMAP nationally, W/B HIDTA requires dedicated professional staff to facilitate adoption and implementation of ODMAP with regional, state, and local partners. Position is contingent upon funding.

The ODMAP Program Manager is responsible for the overall management of the ODMAP program to ensure proper use of the application and to develop policies and plans designed to assist ODMAP users with data analysis, reporting, and implementation efforts.  The position will oversee budget and personnel associated with ODMAP management, the development of training and outreach material and will monitor ODMAP usage and prepare reports for dissemination in accordance ODMAP with ODMAP Operating Policies and Procedures. The position will monitor national and local law and policies that impact data collection and ODMAP usage, serving to make recommendations nationally for data collection related to drugs and overdoses.  Responsible for coordination and oversight of designated ODMAP coordinators nationally and providing program direction to the technical team.  Will lead all meetings related to ODMAP implementation and maintenance.    

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Case Explorer Program Manager

Application Deadline:  August 2, 2021

The principal role of the Case Explorer Program Manager (CE PM) position is to manage the Case Explorer (CE) program, a national law enforcement case management deconfliction system. The CE PM oversees deployment and management of all aspects of CE to law enforcement and HIDTA partners nationally, providing leadership to the CE administrative positions located within HIDTA’s and LE agencies across the country. The position:

  • Is responsible for the accuracy and integrity of data entered into the CE system and manages the flow of data into the HIDTA Performance Management Program
  • Oversees the development and management of CE policies and procedures
  • Gathers and analyzes user specifications and requirements and provides feedback to the development team
  • Leads the process for identifying and implementing system analytics including custom queries, data modeling, determining how CE data can be used for strategic, tactical and operational intelligence, analyzing CE systems, and answering specific law enforcement questions
  • Manages all CE support staff and CE administrative designees
  • Works with the W/B HIDTA development team to enhance system performance and maintain system integrity to support national law enforcement case management and deconfliction efforts.
  • Collaborates with W/B HIDTA management to integrate CE with other national deconfliction systems. 
  • Interfaces with and brief HIDTA management, as well as law enforcement and Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) stakeholders on CE performance and impact. 
  • Completes all ONDCP related reporting.
  • Trains and manages all CE designated admins nationally. CE admins are responsible for vetting and managing agency CE use and activity.  The CE PM must ensure that they adhere to the policies and administer the program to their respective agency accordingly. The position must interface with and meet with CE designated admins throughout the year, and ensure that any system changes are conveyed effectively.  
  • Provides ongoing technical and policy assistance to local law enforcement resources once they begin using CE, and assists stakeholders with incorporating CE into existing policy, standard operating procedures, and directives as needed.
  • Assists end users entering CE data and ensures CE data are populated into the HIDTA Performance Management Program. Coordinates efforts with stakeholder agencies and other HIDTAs. Serves as the primary point of contact for funding partners, stakeholder agencies, local partners, and all support staff. Responds to stakeholder issues and concerns.
  • Assists in coordinating the development and implementation of a training program for CE users. Utilizes feedback from help desk, development team, management, users, and stakeholders to improve training or provide additional training.
  • Assists in the development of analytical products and reporting tools to maximize the effectiveness of CE. Utilizes feedback, metrics, and data to produce reports and products to report to management and users reach of the program, milestones, and areas for improvement.

Required Qualifications

Education: Bachelor’s degree required

Experience: Five years related experience is required, with at least one year of experience managing a large project and one year of experience working with end users. Web-based application experience is preferred, as is Case Explorer experience.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: The individual in this position must communicate effectively with a diverse national user group, and effectively manage evolving projects and implementation. Knowledge, skills, and abilities required, but not limited to: Working knowledge of web-based applications and MS Office products, knowledge and familiarity with software programs, excellent technical writing and communication skills, ability to apply and create W/B HIDTA directives appropriately, as well as interpret and employ the directives of the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP).

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Washington/Baltimore HIDTA Intelligence Analyst Fellowship Program

The Washington/Baltimore High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (W/B HIDTA) Intelligence Analyst Fellowship (IAF) Program offers entry-level and experienced intelligence analysts the opportunity to bring their expertise to the W/B HIDTA to work across program areas and obtain a practical and applied intelligence analyst experience. The IAF program concentrates on providing a professional development opportunity for intelligence analysts. This unique fellowship affords each fellow a chance to learn and contribute to the breadth and depth of criminal intelligence in which the W/B HIDTA engages. The W/B HIDTA provides office space and equipment, specialized software, formal training classes, as well as on-the-job training with experienced intelligence analysts.

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Available opportunity:  Drug Intelligence Officer

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