The National HIDTA Program, Washington/Baltimore HIDTA, and University of Baltimore’s Center for Drug Policy & Prevention have partnered to offer A Division for Advancing Prevention & Treatment (ADAPT), which provides training and technical assistance to HIDTA communities across the nation. ADAPT operationalizes the HIDTA Prevention Strategy, uniting HIDTA prevention programming across the nation. ADAPT assists HIDTAs with translating, implementing, and evaluating substance use prevention strategies within their unique communities.

The mission of ADAPT is to advance knowledge, skills, and quality outcomes in the field of substance use prevention while supporting successful integration of evidence-based strategies into communities.

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Webinar Series:

Fundamentals of Substance Use Prevention

Risk Factors in Substance Use

Tuesday, March 23rd

12:30 – 2:00pm EST

Protective Factors in Substance Use

Thursday, April 8th

2:30 – 4:00pm EST

Upcoming Topics Include:

Resilience Campaign 2020-2021

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Take Care of Yourself

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