HIDTA-Funded Northern Virginia Financial Initiative Partners with Arlington County (VA) Police Department on Successful Fentanyl Investigation

The U.S. Attorney’s Office, Eastern District of Virginia announced on February 24, 2021, the sentencing of a multi-kilogram fentanyl trafficker.

“An Arlington, VA man was sentenced to 151 months in prison for participating in a conspiracy to distribute over seven kilograms of fentanyl. According to court documents, Cornelius Frazier, 32, and others would press illicit pills containing fentanyl, among other substances, to resemble prescription pills such as Oxycodone, for illegal distribution and financial gain.

‘As this case demonstrates, fentanyl is not only extremely dangerous because of its potency, but also because it may be hidden in counterfeit prescription pills,” said Raj Parekh, Acting U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia. “We are grateful to the numerous law enforcement agencies that worked with our Office on this investigation and prevented kilograms of fentanyl from poisoning our communities and harming our loved ones. Their tireless efforts are saving lives.’

A June 1, 2020 court-authorized search of Frazier’s residence resulted in the seizure of a blender containing approximately one kilogram of a mixture and substance containing fentanyl. Law enforcement also seized paraphernalia associated with prescription drug trafficking, including a hydraulic jack, two dust collectors with a large amount of residue, an inductor motor, various cutting agents, and pill presses with several insets containing markings consistent with those found on controlled prescription painkillers such as Oxycodone. In addition, law enforcement seized approximately $34,828 in U.S. currency and a loaded AK-47 with thirty bullets in the magazine. Additional ammunition for this semi-automatic weapon and other firearms was also found in the residence.

Additionally, a June 1, 2020 court-authorized search of one of Frazier’s vehicles resulted in the seizure of two brick-like packages weighing over 1.6 kilograms, which tested positive for the presence of fentanyl. The vehicle also contained 5,307 pills, which tested positive for fentanyl and weighed approximately 4.4 kilograms. In another vehicle owned by Frazier, two machines used to create kilogram packages of controlled substances were seized pursuant to a search warrant.” This case is a clear example of leveraging Federal, state, and local resources to achieve significant results.