2021 HIDTA Prevention Summit Reaches Over 1,500 Registrants with Prevention Science and Strategies—All Presentations, Slides, and Resources Now Online

On October 7th, the 2021 HIDTA Prevention Summit, organized by the Washington/Baltimore HIDTA’s A Division for Advancing Prevention and Treatment initiative, provided registrants with the opportunity to learn the latest advances in the field and essentials ways of thinking about approaching prevention for maximizing successful outcomes.

The Summit’s goals were to:

  • Discuss advances in substance use prevention science, policy, and strategies in the context of national substance threats

  • Describe the benefits and key components of normalizing prevention

  • Evaluate critical approaches to substance use prevention messaging

  • Evaluation the various system dynamics involved in effective substance use prevention

  • Identify ways to incorporate fundamental, evidence-based units of behavioral influence that underlie effective prevention efforts into practice

  • Provide updates on national, state, and local prevention resources

The full agenda and presenter list can be found HERE.

All presentations are now available online on ADAPT’s YouTube Channel for viewing at any time. Resources from the Summit can be found HERE, while slides from each presentation can be found HERE.