Coming This Summer-The NEW Case Explorer!

Baseball and bar-b-ques aren’t the only things that investigators can look forward to this summer. In July 2021, the Washington/Baltimore HIDTA is rolling out the NEW Case Explorer! Right now, law enforcement agencies can take advantage of this free of charge, web-based software that provides:

  • A case management component
  • A 28 CFR Part 23-compliant intelligence component
  • Event and case deconfliction capabilities; and
  • A tips component

Case Explorer’s critical officer safety features allow agents and officers to safely and securely report vital information about their sensitive operations to complete event deconflictions. Agents and officers receive immediate feedback about any potential conflicts with other planned event operations in their geographic proximity. Case Explorer software also instantly deconflicts information upon entry, alerting agents and officers immediately of potential matches so that they can coordinate their investigations. As if this wasn’t enough …..

The New Case Explorer will offer:

  • Mobile-first design
  • Accessibility on any device, anywhere, at any time
  • Case structuring based on the investigative process
  • Expanded options for information sharing categories
  • Quick-entry features to speed up the process for deconfliction
  • Increased security through federated search and single sign-on capabilities

Stay tuned to the W/B HIDTA Monthly Journal for updates on the New Case Explorer. For more information on the current version of this groundbreaking software, visit